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UCC bill passed under the leadership of CM Dhami

Uttarakhand Assembly created history

UCC bill passed under the leadership of CM Dhami

Two days long discussion on Uniform Civil Code Bill

Dehradun. The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill Uttarakhand 2024 was passed in the Assembly on Wednesday. There was a long discussion on the bill for two days. Members of the government and opposition gave their respective suggestions regarding the provisions of the bill. Thus, Uttarakhand Assembly has become the first Assembly in the history of independent India to pass the Uniform Civil Code Bill.

UCC bill passed under the leadership of CM Dhami

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami had introduced the Uniform Civil Code Bill Uttarakhand 2024 in the Assembly. Today on Wednesday, after discussing the bill in the House, the House passed it. Now after completing all other legal processes and formalities, Uttarakhand will become the first state in the country to implement UCC. The Bill provides for a single law for marriage, divorce, alimony and inheritance across all religious communities. Equal rights have been recommended for men and women. Scheduled Tribes have been kept out of the scope of this law.

Let us tell you that as per the promise made to the public, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami decided to constitute an expert committee to prepare the draft of UCC in the first cabinet meeting itself. A five-member committee was formed under the chairmanship of retired Supreme Court judge Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai. The committee has finalized the draft of UCC after extensive public dialogue and in-depth study of every aspect. For this, along with 43 public dialogue programs and 72 meetings across the state, the committee also interacted with the migrant Uttarakhandis.

Bad practices will be stopped
If the Uniform Civil Code Bill becomes law, social evils and practices like child marriage, polygamy, divorce will be banned in the society, but the culture, beliefs and customs of any religion will not be affected by this law. This law will protect children and women’s rights.

Other important provisions of UCC

-Registration of marriage is mandatory. If you are not registered, you may be deprived of government facilities.

-Second marriage is completely prohibited while the husband and wife are alive.

-In all religions the minimum age of marriage is fixed at 21 years for boys and 18 years for girls.

-In a married couple, if one person changes his religion without the consent of the other person, then the other person will have full right to divorce that person and take maintenance allowance.

-In case of divorce or domestic dispute between husband and wife, the custody of the child up to 5 years of age will remain with the mother.

-Equal right to divorce for husband and wife in all religions.

-Equal rights in property for daughters and daughters of all classes in all religious communities.

-Ban on the practice of Halala and Iddat prevalent in the Muslim community.

-No distinction has been made between legitimate and illegitimate children for rights in property. Illegitimate children are also considered biological children of that couple.

-After the death of a person, his wife and children are given equal rights in his property. His parents will also have equal rights in his property. The property rights of the child in a woman’s womb were protected.

-Registration mandatory for live-in relationships. The registrar will have to inform the parents or guardian of the couple registering.

-Children born during live-in will be considered as legitimate children of that couple and that child will get all the rights of a biological child.

“The Prime Minister of our country, Rashtrarishi Shri Narendra Modi ji is dreaming of a developed India. India is going to become the third largest economy in the world. Under his leadership, this country is on the path to correcting historical mistakes like Triple Talaq and Article 370.

“The Uniform Civil Code Bill is just a small contribution offered by our state in the great ” Yagya” being done by the respected Prime Minister to make the country a developed, organized, harmonious and self-reliant nation”

“This UCC Bill seeks to bring uniformity in all laws related to personal civil matters that discriminate on the basis of caste, religion, region and gender under the Uniform Civil Code”

Pushkar Singh Dhami
Chief Minister Uttarakhand

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