Swadhinta Andolan Me Uttarakahnd ki Patrakarita


 Swadhinta Andolan Me Uttarakahnd ki Patrakarita

dehradun State of Uttarakhand remarkably contributed in the freedom struggle of India. Our every village gave a hero for the freedom fight. State which inspired to sacrifice everything for the Nation had a golden era of Journalism. While releasing the book “ Swadhinta Andolan Me Uttarakahnd ki Patrakarita” written by senior journalist Jai Singh Rawat at Bijapur Guest House on Sunday Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that it was a great achievement to disseminate the message of struggle against the Englishmen when there were no means of communications. Then journalism of Uttarakhand played its role very constructively.
Congratulating the author Jai Singh Rawat Chief Minister Shri Rawat told the subject of book respectable. Youths will be inspired by reading the book that how journalism was mission at that time even lack of communications means could not stop them to integrate the Nation into a chain of national pride. Journalism was a tough task 4-5 decades ago. Converting emotions into words and sending them to people was a great deal.
Chief Minister Shri Rawat instructed the DG Information Shri Vinod Sharma to make a gallery displaying the golden era of journalism of State which contributed in the development of Nation pre and after independence soon. Presently, such publishing newspapers and magazines which are our heritage should be imparted special category along with financial assistance. Such papers or magazines which valuably contributed but not being published presently, concerned people were felicitated who started them again.
Chief Minister Shri Rawat felicitated the author of the book. Chief Minister also viewed the exhibition of news and articles published in various newspapers and magazines during the National Movement.

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