Rawat will travel to remotes areas of State under his public relations journey


Rawat will travel to remotes areas of State under his public relations journey 

dehradun Chief Minister Harish Rawat will be having direct conservation with public on the completion of 2 years of his tenure on coming 1 February 2016 under the expanded public relations journey by reaching at every part of the State. Chief Minister Shri Rawat will travel to remotes areas of State under his public relations journey and he will not only listen the grievances of public but sort out them on the spot. While informing about the major step Shri Surender Kumar, Media In-charge to Chief Minister told that schedule was being prepared for the public relations journey. All the regions of Uttarakhand will be covered in many phases under the aforesaid journey. Chief Minister will take the feedback of ongoing development schemes along with constructive suggestions from the public. During the first phase, Marchula to Dharchula will be covered. First day Marchula to Tarikhet, Second day Ranikhet to Kausani via Gagas, Third day Kausani to Bageshwar, Fourth day Bageshwar to Thal and Fifth day Thal to Dharchula will be travelled by Chief Minister of the State. CM will take detailed information of ongoing developmental initiatives and schemes during the travel.
According to Second Phase schedule, Chief Minister will cover Kheri Sikohpur to Balawalan. First day Kheri Sikohpur to Roorkie, Second Day Roorkie to Laksar via khaddar and Third day Laksar to Balawalan via Khanpur will be travelled by CM .
Under the Third phase, Devparyag to Ghat via Nandparyag will be covered. First day Devparyag to Rudraparyag, Second day Rudraparyag to Kaleshwar, Third Day Kaleshwar to Ghat via Nandparyag will be travelled by CM Shri Rawat.
Jaspur to Tanakpur has been included in Forth phase. First day Jaspur to Bajpur, Second day Bajpur to Kichha and Third day Kichha to Tanakpur will be travelled by CM.
In Fifth phase Chief Minister will be on public relations journey from Vikasnagar to Chamba. First day Vikasnagar to Purola, Second Day Purola to Uttarakashi and Third Day Uttarkashi to Chamba will be visited by Chief Minister.
In Sixth Phase Chief Minister will visit Kotdwar to Dhoomakot. First day Kotdwar to Pauri, Second Day Pauri to Paithani, Third day Paithani to Baijro and Fourth day Birokhal to Dhoomakot and Nainidanda will be travelled by CM.
Initial draft of six phases of Public Relations journey has been prepared and schedule details of further phases would be decided soon” informed the Media In- Charge Shri Surender Kumar.

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