Quality education should be ensured in higher education,CM


Quality education should be ensured in higher education,CM 

dehradun Chief Minister Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat reviewed the Department of Higher Education in the Secretariat on Saturday. During the meeting the CM said that quality education should be ensured in higher education institutions. He said arrangements to be made for career tracking of students of government colleges and universities. He directed that the academic calendar should be followed strictly. He directed that Higher Education Selection Board to be constituted. State Private University Regulatory Authority will be established. The dress code should also be implemented in the higher education institutions.

The CM said that the highest responsibility of VCs and principals is, to create an atmosphere of education in higher educational institutions. An environment should be developed for quality education. Colleges and universities are not just for providing certificates and degrees.

The CM instructed that the academic calendar should be followed strictly in educational institutions. All the colleges must arrange e-libraries (online library). Where there is no connectivity, alternate arrangements like EDUSAT should be used. He said that dress code should be implemented in the higher education institutes. To overcome the shortage of teachers, Higher Education Selection Board will be constituted. He directed that separate cadre to be constituted for the posts of Registrar and Sub registrar in the State Universities.

The CM said that efforts should be made to achieve the goal of 100% literacy through community service by the students of higher education institutions. Community service must be made mandatory. Employment oriented training can be given to the villagers. Research scholarship will be provided to 100 students each year. A corpus fund will be constituted under the chairmanship of the CM. POS counter will be established in colleges to deposit fees.

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