E-auction of mining lots done in Haridwar


E-auction of mining lots done in Haridwar

Dehradun .An e- auction through e-tendering facility has been started for allotting selected sub-minerals lots in different districts of the state. Under this, procedure for allotting two mining lots through e-auction procedure was completed in Tehsil Bhagwanpur in Haridwar district. The entire procedure was done as per the rules and regulations. A minimum amount of Rs 2,31,00,000 was fixed for mining of  3,30,000 tonnes of sub-minerals annually on 15 hectare land in Banjarawala Grant. The only four auctioneers who participate in the first phase were declared qualified for second phase. The auctioneers gave their bids. The auction was held between 10 am and 1 pm, and five minute grace time was set in case of finalizing the bid.  The auctioneers continued to give bid even after set time and cost of bid was increased till 3.14 pm. The bid was finalized at Rs 15,54,63,000 which was nearly 6.73 times higher than expected amount.

 The second bid was done for Daulatpur alias Budwashid for 25.585 hectare for sub minerals of 562870 tonnes for annual exit against minimum fixed price of Rs 3,94,00,900. The bid reached Rs 31,18,57,432 which was nearly seven times more than the fixed price. The bids were done with the help of technology. Director (Geology and Mining) said that seven lots have been auctioned through e-auction scheme so far in the state. The healthy competition was seen among auctioneers and government earned maximum revenue and also helped to check illegal mining.

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