‘Green Uttarakhand’ mission Electric Bicycle launched


‘Green Uttarakhand’ mission Electric Bicycle launched

dehradun While promoting the ‘Green Uttarakhand’ mission Chief Minister Harish Rawat tested Free Electric Bicycle launched by Indian-American businessman and Social Worker Manoj Bhargva at Bijapur Guest House on Thursday. This bicycle would prove a boon for the State and Nation, it would not only be beneficial for small industrialists but people living in remote hilly areas would get benefitted also,   Chief Minister Shri Rawat said. It is a matter of great happiness that machine is being launched at Uttarakhand first by Shri Bhargva, State Government will make effort to join the Women Self Help Groups with the bicycle, small entrepreneurs will be inspired and encouraged to welcome the initiative, Chief Minister announced. CM appreciated the Shri Bhargva for cooperating in the development of  State. It is to be mentioned that The Hans Foundation is spending Rs 500 Cr. on various development schemes of Uttarakhand. Chief Minister hoped that Shri Bhargva would utilize his knowledge and technology to develop the irrigation and tourism sector of Uttarakhand. Chief Minister expected that Shri Bhargva would develop such technique which would improve irrigation method in hilly regions of the State. Chief Minister informed that machine manufactured by Shri Bhargva is very useful with low priced as it would prove useful for middle class families. Uttarakhand has such 500 villages where sufficient electricity supply is not available, providing uninterrupted electricity supply to these villages is our top most priority, CM assured.

Production of machine developed by Shri Bhargva will be started soon. The machine is being started from Uttarakhand in India. Uttarakhand has become first State of India where machine is being launched. Price of Machine has been fixed very low so that needy person might purchase it easily. Electricity for 24 hours use can be produced by one hour peddling on the bicycle, which is helpful to fulfill the requirement of a small home. It is to be mentioned that Shri Bhargva is maker of worldwide popular Five Hour Energy Drink and Free Electricity Bicycle. Shri Bhargva is an industrialist, Social Worker and founder and CEO of Living Essential. He is dedicated to donate his 99 percent of total capital of 4 billion.

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