Governor urged to act on assaults on Dalits – Tarun Vijay

Dehradun- Shri Tarun Vijay,MP Rajya sabha from Uttarakhand met the Dalit couple who were assaulted by priests in Kalsi block for entering a temple . Mrs Kavita and her husband Mr Tikam singh, who is a mason, told that they had gone to pray for the child they are expecting. When they were coming out of the sanctum sanctorum, priests recognised that they were ‘low caste’ and they shouted at us. suddenly a large crowd gathered and they assaulted us. we were e= wearing and requesting to let us go home. Tim singh said that he told the priests that her wise is pregnant and they should be allowed to go home. But the priests said they would give punishment so that they dare not enter temple next time. they imposed a “Dand” fine, of Rs five thousand and when the couple said they don’t have money, they were freed to go home only after they deposited rs five hundred as fine and promised never to enter temple.

Mr Tarun Vijay demanded that the priests be punished and asked to return ten times of the ‘fine’ they collected illegal from dalit couple. Also they should be debarred from performing any puja in the temple as they have violated the sacredness of the gods installed inside the temple and also the sanctity of the constitution.

Mr Tarun Vijay led a delegation of the assaulted dalits to meet the Governor of the state Dr K.K.Paul and submitted a memorandum to him demanding immediate action against the culprits .
He said to the media later that this intolerance to dalits can’tbe accepted and questioned the ‘intolerance protestor crowd who returned awards, that why are they keeping a silence on intolerance being shown to the Dalits? Nayan Tara Sahgal resides in Dehradun, why doesn’t she come out and protest against intolerance to Dalits?? Is her silence because the perpetrators of the assaults are her own supporters ? It is noteworthy that the state Home Minister belongs to the area where such atrocities are on an increase.

Mr Tarun Vijay said that he has sought time from the Union Home Minister Shri rajnath singh and will take the Dalit delegation to delhi to demand stern action against the culprits and provide protection to them.

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