Every Investigating Officer in Uttarakhand will be professionally trained to deal with Cyber Crime- Anil Kumar Raturi


Every Investigating Officer in Uttarakhand will be professionally trained to deal with Cyber Crime- Anil Kumar Raturi:- Every Investigating Officer in Uttarakhand will be professionally trained to deal with Cyber Crime- Anil Kumar Raturi.

Dehradun After taking over as Uttarakhand DGP Sh Anil Kumar Raturi gave a vivid account of his plans and priorities for Uttarakhand. In an exclusive interview to Bhadas4India the new DGP spoke at length about challenges of cyber crime, drug abuse , traffic problems and police welfare. Excerpts from the interview:

What are your plans as new DGP of Uttarakhand ?

The image of the police force in the eyes of common citizen needs a radical change. We are working on plans to make the whole system more transparent, people friendly and less complicated. A series of activity has been planned to educate the police force in soft skills. Uttarakhand Police will also start an outreach programme with common citizen to engage them in policing.

There has been a phenomenal increase in cyber crimes. What are your plans to tackle it?

Cyber crime is the biggest challenge for police force across India. Due to constantly evolving communication technology there has been a spurt in cyber crimes across India. Protecting yourself is the best mantra against cyber crimes. People have to follow the basic steps to prevent intrusion of foreign elements in their cyberspace.   Uttarakhand police already have a cyber security force in place and we will augment this force very soon. We have tied up with CDAC ( Centre For Development Of Advance Computing) and plan to train every Investigating Officer(IO) to deal with cyber crimes. Apart from this we have also opened up communication channels with RBI , banks and other institutions to take preventive measures to control cyber crimes. District police Chief have been advised to use social media tools to educate common citizen about various aspects of cyber crime .

 What are your plans to combat rising drug abuse ?

To combat drug abuse we need a coordinated effort by all the agencies. To start with we have decided to have an awareness drive in colleges and university. A series of seminar, workshop has been planned across university to make students more aware about the menace of drug abuse. We have urged corporate and industry body to support us in this drive as part of their CSR campaign. A larger participation from civil society is also required.

Traffic congestion is a perennial problem in our cities, specially Dehradun. Your comments.

I must admit with pride that our police force is doing a commendable job as far as traffic management is concerned. We are working on long term solutions to eradicate this problem. This involves proper coordination between agencies like Transport Department, Town & Country Planning , Urban Development Authority, PWD & Municipal Corporation.

 One welfare programme which you would like to start for your work force?

Most of our police force work for more than eight hours a day. At times they don’t even get weekly off. These terrible work conditions have lead to serious health concerns. Ailments like joint pains, sleeplessness occur early in life of policemen. I want to start a programme where in yearly health checkups will be mandatory for every police personnel. We have spoken to a number of NGO and hospitals who are willing to partner with us in this noble exercise. A detailed plan will be made and implemented soon.

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